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Derek Jeter FINALLY gets rid of his Trump Tower penthouse!

Hey there, your friendly neighbourhood Celebrity Stalker is back, this time with news about those New York Yankees! Derek Jeter’s done well for himself over the years hitting a baseball and sometimes catching it too! As an All Star, Derek has seemingly never failed! when it comes to real estate however, this one property of his just never seemed to work out. He’s been trying to sell it since September 2010!!!

The said unit is a PH apartment in….wait for it…..TRUMP tower in NYC (colour me surprised!). Looks like after a few years of trying he finally managed to find a buyer for a cool $15.5 million. Too bad, Derek spent nearly 13 million bucks on the apartment himself and was hoping to sell it for upwards of 20 mill.


It’s a nice place. What do you think?






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Five loves of my life: Gossip, Celebs, Mansions, Hollywood......not to mention Gossip!