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Stunning Photos of the World’s Best Swimming Pools

Every top notch condo now comes with a top notch swimming pool (the one at One Old Mill in Toronto is our favourite so far). In the spirit of luxury pools and all the joys they bring to the residence, we thought we post a collection of world’s coolest swimming pools.

Many to choose from, which one’s your favourite?

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Location Spain 

(thanks to demostene for identifying the building)


Between Zambia and Zimbabwe (edited: Thanks Nick!)

Chile (1,013 meters in length)
Belgium (over 33 meters deep)

Location Unknown





Santorini (Edited: thanks David!)

Much improved over this 1000 year old pool eh?


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Source: Luxuryproperty.com

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  • nick

    The one titled “Zambia” is actually the edge of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

  • http://www.TheRedPin.com Sam

    Thank you nick for the comment. You are right, according to Wiki, Victoria Falls is in between the two countries; so we just changed it for the sake of accuracy.

    have you been there by any chance?

    Must be an amazing experience. I'd love to visit once.

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  • http://www.artella.ca evelyn

    woooww…stunning, stunning , breathtaking

  • David

    Beautiful pics, but i guess the one entitled as Bali is Santorini (Greece), i know that landscape as i´m a lover of infinity pools around the globe. Anyway, very good compiltaion. The one in Indonesia is just breathtaking.

  • http://www.TheRedPin.com Sam

    Hi David,

    thank you very much for the note, upon further research seems like the pool in question is indeed in Santori (and I've been raving about Bali all this time for no reason ;d)

    that one's my favourite for sure.

    thanks again!

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  • http://www.TheRedPin.com Sam

    Hi David, since you love the infinity pool series, you'll probably enjoy this post as well :) http://www.theredpin.com/blog/

  • demostene

    The one with “Location N/A” is El Escorial, Spain http://plimbari.demostene.ro/el-escorial-valle-de-los-caidos (picture 8)

  • http://www.TheRedPin.com Sam

    Thank you very much demostene. I will update the post and give you credit for the info.