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Psy leaves Gangnam for Los Angeles for $1.29 million

Oooooh Sexy CONDO…….hey there, your friendly neighbourhood Celebrity Stalker is back, this time with news about the Korean pop star whose celebrity has gone through the roof these days. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen actually; people’s eyes light up and they start dancing to a song which they don’t even understand the lyrics to….well except for the part about oooooo sexy ladayyyyy!.

Psy and wife Yoo, have just purchased a $1.249 million executive condo in a luxurious area of LA. He paid for it in cash (of course!!). The place covers 2,776 sqft.

There aren’t any photos of the apartment out there yet and I usually don’t write blog posts on celeb cribs I don’t have photos of; Psy though is an exception to the rule for obvious reasons.

I’ll bring them to you as soon as I get my hands on them.



source: TMZ


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Five loves of my life: Gossip, Celebs, Mansions, Hollywood......not to mention Gossip!