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The most beautiful mansion ever? (it belongs to #99 Wayne Gretzky)

Hey there, your friendly neighbourhood Celebrity Stalker is back, this time with news from the Gretzky family. No no, don’t get your hopes up this isn’t about Paula Gretzky (this is a family friendly website after all), but about dad Wayne and his multi million dollar mansion.

Listen, I have covered nearly a 100 celebrity mansions and luxury apartments here for you and I think this is the most beautiful property I’ve seen so far. It’s about 10 years old, with a lot of recent rennovations; it covers 6.5 acres of space, has three guest houses one of which being used as a gym. The views are stunning, the swimming pool is stunning. The 5 bedrooms, including the master bedroom, are amazing. The library is gorgeous. It even has a pizza oven in the backyard.

WOW I love the library. The mansion is listed for $15 million and is located in Thousand Bay California.

Looks like #99 just likes to score. On the ice, with the ladies (well I am sure he had his fun when he was younger), and now with this beautiful place. What do you think?



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Five loves of my life: Gossip, Celebs, Mansions, Hollywood......not to mention Gossip!