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Top 5 Essential Community Resources

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Searching for a new home can be tough and searching for a new home with no planning, just makes it worse. TheRedPin.com puts together the Top 5 Essential Community Resources, to help homebuyers understand the important things to look for within a community that could be immediately beneficial to them and to the value of their home in the long term.

This list is in no particular order.

Downtown Toronto TTC - Photo Credit: TechVibes1. Transportation Options

Access to transit and commuter roads is a major factor in choosing a home. This is something buyers intuitively think about when searching for a home but can easily be forgotten if the buyers are caught up with the home and its many elements. Properties located close to transit are appealing to potential renters, increases property value over time and provides an easier transportation option for home buyers living there, providing an alternative to driving and thus saving fuel costs. Commuter roads are very important especially if home buyers work in the other end of town.

2. Shopping Conveniences

When we say shopping conveniences, we don’t mean where you can get the latest fashion handbag. Shopping conveniences are everyday essentials that home buyers require on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis. These include groceries, pharmaceutical products, bakery goods, household items, etc. The closer these conveniences are to a property, the less you spend on fuel having to drive somewhere for something simple. In addition, having such products close by provides a convenience during the winter months when driving for a loaf of bread is not the best idea.

3. Parking

Most condominium projects come with parking, which you have to pay for. This is all fine. However, if you are intending to not use the condominiums parking facilities, you have to ensure the community has an alternative parking space that is close by and convenient. In addition, you have to ensure there is parking available for guests. It may sound like a small thing but once you have to deal with it once or twice, it becomes a big hassle.

4. Medical Conveniences

Most neighbourhoods these days have at least a walk-in clinic or some sort of doctor’s office. Having a medical centre located close by provides peace of mind not only to the home buyers but also potential future rental tenants. It is particular important for those families with members who have medical problems or are elderly. 911 is always there, whatever the circumstances. However, sometimes, having a medical centre provides an additional comfort that you don’t have to go far for help or medicine.

5. Gas station

Ever get up in the morning and realize that your tanks empty and you need to fill it ASAP? Gas stations are very important to those commuters that travel long distances for work or business activities and having a gas station close by provides that peace of mind. Not all neighbourhoods have a gas station and for many, this is a low priority. With that said, if you are a major commuter and rely heavily on having gas in your tank, having a gas station close by will get you what you need to get on the road and do what it is you need to do.


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