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How Affordable Ownership Works: Habitat for Humanity

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Habitat for Humanity Canada is a non-profit organization working across the country towards the goal of providing everyone with a safe, decent place to live.

How it works

Habitat creates affordable ownership housing to low-income households using a volunteer-based model.  Partner families (those eventually moving into a home) commit 500 volunteer hours to building a home, and Habitat brings in additional volunteers and donated materials.  Once the home is built, the family moves in and pays a monthly no down-payment, no-interest mortgage on the house set at 25-30% of the family’s gross income.  (Housing is deemed affordable in Canada if it costs the inhabitant no more than 30% of his/her income.)

All mortgage payments are re-invested in the program to build more homes for Canadians.

How to get involved

Habitat’s homeowner selection is based on the applicant’s level of need, willingness to become a partner in the program, and ability to repay the no down-payment, interest-free, geared-to-income mortgage.  Check out their website for more information.

More than 50,000 volunteers work with Habitat every year.  Learn more about volunteering here.


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  1. TheRedPin

    Habitat for Humanity is an amazing organization doing great things, thanks for sharing this.

    Also great to know what affordable housing means: “Housing is deemed affordable in Canada if it costs the inhabitant no more than 30% of his/her income.”

  2. Faker

    Вы уб*тые мraZi !!! Мне задали реферат по ващей еб*ной job.eee.
    Скажите спасибо, Богу, что я вас Н Е В И Д Е Л !

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