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Extremely Colourful Rooms

Colour is what brings out emotions, and makes a space have a mood and a feeling. When walking into a very colourful room, there is no doubt that everyone will have a reaction

I found a number of crazy colourful rooms on Google which I would like to share…

This rooms feels 'hot' just looking at it...you have to love this colour to spend alot of time here

Red can be both aggressive and calming..it really has to be used correctly. In this case it is a warm red which will give you a calm and restful feeling , while still making a strong statement.

This purple closet is very well organized...and very purple, this chick loves purple.


Holy Wow...this is a colourful room. I hope this is a public space where no one has to spend too much time!

This room works because the ceilings are high and there are some architectural details..It's crazy , but I like it.

Another pink room done more traditionally than the last one..very very pretty! well done!

ORANGE...this room is very colourful, but the contemporary pieces make it work....for short periods.

Kids rooms are a perfect place for a colourful scheme..kids are stimulated mentally with contrast and colour.

Green as grass... this room can be definitely referred to as the 'Green Room'. To me it is not uplifting..kinda sad.

This green room is more uplifting than the other one...obviously architecture helps..but the pop of pinky red gives it life too.

How cool are the walls here..with a painting of the ocean.

This spiritual room is very colourful and patterned, yet very peaceful at the same time.

A theater room is a perfect place to inject a ton of colour...this one is enveloped with a traditional warm, orangey red..very nice

It’s always good to look at various photos and inspirations to teach the eye and expose ourselves to different peoples’ solutions with regards to design..you may love it, you may not…but you can definitely learn from it.

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About the Author

Evelyn ( B.A.) is an Interior Designer in Toronto who is a regular contributor to TheRedPin Pulse with valuable and insightful thoughts and lessons in the art of creating beautiful and memorable Interior Design Solutions.