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Innovative Backsplash Solution: Self Adhesive Tiles! [video]

The products available these days for various home remodeling projects are fantastic…even if you are renting or simply need an inexpensive temporary solution, there is something out there for you.

I was at Home Depot this week and discovered a fabulous product… Self Adhesive Tiles. I know, sounds cheesy, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The product is “Smart Tiles” (www.thesmarttiles.com).  All you have to do is peel and stick… Well..a little bit of planning , but basically that’s it!

Price is average $10 per square foot.

Check out the video…..it illustrates the use of the product.

Can you believe this is an adhesive tile...looks fabulous!


the various patterns have been selected to suit most interior finishes.

The profile of the product gives it an authentic look. Washable, heat resistant and easy to remove.

This mosaic pattern can coordinate with most kitchens

you can mix the patterns to create your own design

Check it out…a great find for this week!

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About the Author

Evelyn ( B.A.) is an Interior Designer in Toronto who is a regular contributor to TheRedPin Pulse with valuable and insightful thoughts and lessons in the art of creating beautiful and memorable Interior Design Solutions.