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WallSkins: No commitment wall treatment!

Graphic and Colourful!

I found a fantastic product: non-commitment wallpaper! Well…that’s my name for it. The company calls it Simple Skins.

Close up of the pattern above..you could even use it for a backsplash in a pinch.

Simple Skins are made from a removable and re-positionable fabric material, making it easy to install and remove. It sticks to the wall and you can remove it without the risk of residue being left behind. This product is perfect for apartments, staging, kids rooms or anywhere that you do not want to commit to a traditional wallpaper.

The company will even make custom designs and sizes for you!

Below is the description as found on the company’s website:

“What’s a WallSkin? It’s Skin for your walls.

I am way better than vinyl because I’m not stiff. I got moves.
I am fabric based.
I am made of 100% earth friendly materials.
I am removable, repositionable….and what’s even cooler?…..reusable. Yup. I got tons of moves. srsly.
I am awesome.
I look better than paint and just kicked paint & wallpapers’ a$#.”

Check out examples of this product in action through the images below: 

Dreamy clouds for a kid’s room and you can change it easily when your child grows out of it.

Behind a bed as ‘headboard treatment’

Close up of the pattern above

Close up of the pattern above

This would be nice in a teenagers room

Traditional graphic pattern great for a dining room or bedroom wall

I love the flexibility in design that this product brings to the decorating options one can have. SimpleSkins from Accent Wall Customs is a great new product.



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About the Author

Evelyn ( B.A.) is an Interior Designer in Toronto who is a regular contributor to TheRedPin Pulse with valuable and insightful thoughts and lessons in the art of creating beautiful and memorable Interior Design Solutions.