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The art of Burano is a congruence of sculpture, painting, delicate lace and effervescent hues against a canvas of colourful homes on the maze of narrow streets that have existed for centuries. This is the inspiration for Burano on Bay gleaming architecture that fuses the most privileged of lifestyles with the unique and colourful artistry of the island. Here, existing side by side, is a gleaming testament to the ability of creative thinking to meld the whimsical with the functional, the aesthetic with the requisite. Burano on Bay is a journey from art to architecture and ultimately, a triumph of design. Gleaming Architecture With Historical Roots At first glance, Burano is an architectural conundrum. Rising from the historical Addison on Bay building into a soaring tower of glass and steel, Burano will be a tribute to the art and design of its Venetian namesake. Its roots are firmly planted in the soil of Bay Street, but its heart beats to the glory of authentic Italian artistry. Access to the pedestrian mall, with its compendium of shops and services, is through the traditional doors of the Addison building on Bay - with its solid brick presence and oversized windows. But the condominium's entrance on Grenville is where Burano's personality emerges to the interplay of light and art off a three story glass lobby and outdoor piazza-inspired space that will be the pride of the neighborhood. Here, close to Toronto's fast-paced financial district, Burano will offer a tribute to the more cerebral pursuits - the art and culture of the old world ensconced in modern architecture with deep respect to a clear past.


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