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All Services, logos, content, art work, design, files, text, and sounds are properties of TheRedPin, Brokerage, or the respective Developers and are subject to Canadian and International copyright laws, and may not be copied in full or in part without expressed written consent of TheRedPin, Brokerage management. The users agree that their access to the aforementioned Services and content is limited to personal use only and that their commercial use is limited to transactions done on their own behalf. TheRedPin, Brokerage retains the right to modify, terminate, or further limit access to Services at its sole discretion. All unauthorized use by Users will immediately terminate the license granted by these Terms.

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Users may, subject to these Terms and Conditions, print or otherwise save individual pages for private use. However, property listings and/or data may not be modified or altered in any respect, merged with other data or published in any form, in whole or in part. The prohibited uses include "screen scraping", "database scraping" and any other activity intended to collect, store, reorganize or manipulate or publish data on the pages produced by, or displayed on the TheRedPin, Brokerage web site.

Limitation of Liability

Users agree that TheRedPin, Brokerage, it's directors, employees, and affiliates are hereby relieved of any liability for damages, be it direct or indirect, that comes as a result of the use of TheRedPin, Brokerage website and our Services.

The Users agree that they may directly or indirectly get involved with parties independent of TheRedPin, Brokerage either through TheRedPin's Blog ("TheRedPin Pulse") or through the Services provided on the main platform and the TheRedPin, Brokerage is hereby also relieved of any responsibility and liability with regards to the Services and content provided by third party partners, contributors, and any person or entity that links to TheRedPin, Brokerage. The Users are encouraged to conduct their own research prior to interacting with any such entities and agree that they cannot hold TheRedPin, Brokerage responsible for any third party short comings or damages.

Users agree that TheRedPin, Brokerage cannot guarantee unit allocation and availability nor do we guarantee the prices or the size of the units posted. This applies to projects before, during, and after VIP opportunities. Users are encouraged to double check the relevant information as they see fit.

Users agree that TheRedPin, Brokerage is hereby relieved of any liability that may come as a result of any interruptions to the service or any errors on the platform. Users are encouraged to take all precautions and check all facts as they see fit.

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TheRedPin One Program - General Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is available to any client who is generated by TheRedPin.com platform or any qualified platform TheRedPin.com channel partner who is both selling and buying single family dwellings located within the municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Under the program, the client can benefit from a refund of the listing brokerage portion of the selling commission.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Not valid with any other offer or promotion.
  • A 2.5% commission payable to the co-operating brokerage (representing the purchaser on the sale of the client's home) would still apply.
  • In the event that the client is selling their home prior to purchasing their new home, TheRedPin, Brokerage will withhold an amount equal to 1.75% of the sale price. This amount will be refunded to the client upon TheRedPin, Brokerage receiving a commission on the subsequent purchase by the client of a new home.
  • In the event that the client buys their new home through the TheRedPin, Brokerage pursuant to a buyer representation agreement, TheRedPin Brokerage will waive the applicable listing portion of the seller's commission at the time of executing the listing agreement.
  • TheRedPin, Brokerage must receive a minimum combined commission on both transactions of 1.75% on the value of the sale transaction.
  • Both transactions (the sale of the client's current home and purchase of a new home) must take place within a 6-month period to qualify for this offer.
  • The terms contained herein shall be subject to the terms of the listing agreement and buyer representation agreement entered into by the client with TheRedPin, Brokerage.

Cashback Offer

TheRedPin, Brokerage offers homebuyers a rebate incentive comprised of 15% of our commission earned on properties purchased through our brokerage. You can qualify for this incentive if you are purchasing a resale property or a new condo, the latter being sold by the developer and purchased after the public opening date announced by the developer (also known as the post-VIP phase).

For resale and new home transactions, we use the following formula to calculate your 15% commission rebate: Property Purchase Price net of HST x commission offered by the builder/seller (min. 1.5% to a max of 4%) x 15%.

  • New condo: A condo at $400,000 - $21,933 in HST x 4% offered by the builder x 15% = $2,268.
  • Resale: A $400,000 resale home purchase x 2.5% x 15% = $1,500.
  • In some cases, net of parking and/or locker prices are also included.

For resale transactions, cash back must be disclosed to both parties of the transaction; recipient of the cash back must be party to a transaction. The cash back will be paid out by TheRedPin, Brokerage to the name registered on the agreement of purchase and sale within 10 days of receiving the commission owing and only upon successful completion of a transaction.

Rebates are not valid for VIP condo sales or TheRedPin One program. Not valid with any other offer, promotion, or cash back given by the Realtor to the buyers.

Rebate rate is subject to change by TheRedPin without notice.

This offer is available to any client who is generated by TheRedPin.com platform or any qualified TheRedPin.com channel partner who is buying a single family dwelling located within the municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area.